(Scottsdale, Ariz.) Feb. 9, 2011 — DOCTOR HOY’S, a natural, pain-relief gel, is the product sponsor at the 2011 Semi Annual and Annual SWSPGA meeting, the 2011 Senior Section Championships PNC and the 2011 Senior Arizona Open Championship.

Laura and Joachim Gloschat, owners of Mesa, Arizona-based DOCTOR HOY’S, say the people most likely to use DOCTOR HOY’S Natural Pain Relief Gel are serious athletes and those who struggle with overuse or age-related issues. Common problems include arthritis, knee, hip, joint and back pain. “Golfers are serious about their game,” Laura Gloschat says. “They are dedicated to golf and will do whatever it takes to play as long as they can. We want to be a reason that they can keep going.”

Gloschat says the benefits for everyone associated with the game are numerous. “Golf shops will benefit because they will be offering a product that serves a purpose, fills a need and sells,” she says. “Golfers will benefit because they have a product that helps them improve and enjoy their game. The SWSPGA benefits because it’s introducing a new sponsor that is reputable and has a high-quality product. DOCTOR HOY’S benefits because we reach our target audience and help golfers find pain relief.”

Gloschat says athletes love the product because of how well it works, how long it lasts and how clean it is. “It’s difficult to find a topical analgesic that is both effective and user friendly. We hope that every golf shop will carry and sell DOCTOR HOY’S Natural Pain Relief Gel. You can work directly with our headquarters or you can work with one of our local representatives.”

DOCTOR HOY’S is unique in the field of topical analgesics for several reasons. Each ingredient is FDA registered and the manufacturing facility is FDA approved. DOCTOR HOY’S has no oil or petroleum, which is critical to how well it works. With no greasy barrier created on the skin, the product is absorbed into the tissue working inside the body and not simply “floating” on top. There is no lingering scent and will not stain clothing. Another important feature is that it will not sweat off or migrate down.

“For an athlete, this is a very appreciated quality about our product,” Gloschat says. DOCTOR HOY’S has therapeutic value. “We use Arnica Montana, which works on bruising and really attacks inflammation,” Gloschat says. “We often have pain because of inflammation that is occurring. If we can work on the inflammation, we are well on our way to managing pain.”

“DOCTOR HOY’S is also PH balanced. Healthy skin has a mean PH level of 5.5. The desirable PH range for skin-care products is between 4 and 7. Products that fall outside of this range can dry or irritate the skin. We have worked to create a product that has a PH level very close to the mean PH level of 5.5. This helps reduce the chances of irritation or drying out the skin. In our product, you will see little blue beads. This is our encapsulated vitamin E. By keeping the vitamin E encapsulated, it remains potent until it is broken on the skin. At this point, the vitamin E is released leaving a beneficial antioxidant on the skin and helping the skin to remain soft.”

Gloschat says one of the most important aspects of DOCTOR HOY’S is the timed-release menthol delivery system, which helps deliver extended pain relief. Small microscopic capsules of menthol are absorbed into the tissue. Once absorbed, these capsules release pain-soothing menthol over an extended period of time offering longer pain relief. Because the product lasts for hours, it’s hard to compare the cost to other products that provide much less relief time. Gloschat says golfers don’t have to deal with pain. “We can help you take control and manage your pain in a safe and natural way. We have seen lives change as a result of using DOCTOR HOY’S Natural Pain Relief Gel.”