Webcam MD, the world's first live 24/7 online visual physical examination     site, is poised to change the way patients receive quality medical care     around the globe 

TORONTO, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ – Remember the days when doctors actually made housecalls?

Well, those days are back, thanks to Webcam MD, a revolutionary new web-based medical technology site.

Two years in the making, this powerful new online technology is designed to provide fast, live access in your home to key medical specialists located anywhere in the world. All users need is an internet link, computer with a webcam, credit card number (or Paypal account), and they can talk to medical professionals, including surgeons, worldwide in mere minutes.

Basically, the site enables users to have a live, visual, physical examination and discussion with a licensed physician, specialist or surgeon.

Webcam MD's Chief Medical Advisor is Dr. Agostino Cervone, a board-certified surgeon and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Peconic Bay Medical Center in Riverhead, NY. "This online medical technology is highly beneficial, especially for skin cancer check-ups and post-surgical wound management," he says. "For example, the technology uses a specialized high-resolution zoom lens to perform skin cancer check-ups. It's an efficient way to improve the chances of saving lives through early detection."

Another major benefit will be felt by busy downtown hospitals as the instant, online medical attention that Webcam MD provides will reduce burdens placed on emergency rooms around the world. In remote rural areas where access to healthcare is poor, Webcam MD will provide additional options and reassurance to patients.

"This is a significant improvement over the static, self-diagnosing websites on the internet today," says Webcam MD's CEO and Founder, Rob Tayler of Toronto, Ontario. In conjunction with a team of medical and IT specialists, Tayler developed the breakthrough site two years ago. Other sites have tried to mimic his ideas and format, but Webcam MD continues to boast many unique advantages.

"Webcam MD has many benefits over existing sites that use webcams," says Tayler, "not the least of which is the clarity of the images, the ability to get immediate advice in real time 24/7, and the fact that you get access not just to doctors and specialists worldwide, but to surgeons. You can also take as much time as you need, and the cost is very reasonable at only $50 for each 20-minute session."