Four doctors of chiropractic will join the 62-member U.S. Olympic healthcare team for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, to help optimize performance outcomes for many of the 600 U.S. athletes. Since the 1980 Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid, New York, chiropractors have provided healthcare services to elite performers, and this year chiropractors will assume an even greater role in the integrated healthcare team, which includes medical doctors, massage therapists, and certified athletic trainers.

Chiropractic fulfills a niche need, not only by treating injuries but also by aiding in recovery and positively impacting athletic performance, says Ted Forcum, D.C., Tigard, Ore. who is joined by Amor Adams, D.C., Oakland, Calif.; Ernie Ferrel, D.C., Santa Barbara, Calif.; and Michael Reed, D.C., Colorado Springs, Colo., medical director, United States Olympic Committee. Chiropractors promote active care and treatment with a commitment to healthy progression and rehabilitation. The role of chiropractors in the U.S. Olympics showcases the profession and emphasizes its dedication to promoting optimal individual performance.

Chiropractors will provide care during practice sessions in the Olympic Village, training facilities as well as during the Olympic events.

Chiropractic takes a non-invasive, drug-free approach to healthcare, a position that is now highly regarded among Olympic athletes and their trainers who must meet strict eligibility requirements to qualify for the Olympic Games, adds Forcum. Chiropractic care is particularly valuable for pain management, and offers athletes highly effective solutions for achieving optimal performance without the use of prescription drugs.

This year, chiropractors face the challenge of Beijing™s extremely high levels of air pollution. Problems related to pollution are unique to the 2008 Olympic Games and will affect each athlete differently, adds Forcum. Asthma-related symptoms will be particularly aggravated by the air pollution in China, but it has been shown that chiropractic is effective in alleviating some of the symptoms of asthma.

In addition to the four chiropractors who will provide care to the U.S. Olympic athletes, chiropractors from around the world will be joining their respective Olympic teams in providing safe and effective healthcare. Team chiropractors will be present from Sweden, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, and China, among others.

The growing presence of chiropractic at the Olympic Games represents worldwide recognition of the profession and its impact on healthcare and performance for the most talented athletes, says Forcum. Everyday, chiropractors are helping amateur athletes and ˜weekend warriors™ in local communities throughout the world.

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