Yes It’s Organic, an online store featuring only organic and eco-friendly products, announces a new line of organic yoga and exercise gear for women and men

Yoga and other forms of exercise are undoubtedly healthy habits. But what about the clothing and accessories worn during the workout? Ed Mass, Founder and President of Yes It’s Organic,, says this is an important topic to consider. That’s why he just added a new line of 100 percent organic cotton yoga and exercise gear for women and men to his store.

Yes It’s Organic is an online store featuring only organic and eco-friendly products. Its new line features women’s and men’s clothing perfect for yoga or other exercise activities. These items are 100-percent, certified-organic cotton. The colors are made from certified low-impact, environmentally friendly dye processes. The store also offers organic and eco friendly towels, perfect for wiping up the sweat after a great workout.

When asked about the importance of organic workout gear, Mass explained that non-organic cotton production is one of the highest users of insecticides of all crops. And during the manufacturing process, non-organic textiles may use toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and other known carcinogens and skin irritants.

“Our skin is our largest organ and one of its main functions is to absorb. So it’s understandable that our skin may absorb these toxic chemicals as we sweat during our workouts,” says Mass.

“I understand people are increasingly aware of exercise benefits, but often don’t consider their ecological or health impact when choosing their gear,” adds Mass, “That’s why I added the organic yoga and exercise line. Adding sustainable, organic yoga clothing to the workout makes it a harmonious exercise for the mind, body, soul and the environment.”

What can be done to ensure purchases are benefiting individual health and that of the environment? Mass suggests developing a trust in the retailer where purchases are made, that they have obtained the appropriate third-party certifications from their suppliers. Yes It’s Organic offers useful resources to its customers to help them understand different terms used in organic and eco-friendly certifications. It provides articles that discuss organic farming and the eco friendliness of different fabrics. And, the store provides information about which third-party certifications each product has achieved.

Visit to learn more and to peruse the wide variety of organic and eco-friendly yoga gear available, plus a variety of other eco-friendly items to enhance any green lifestyle.