March 13, 2009 — Dog massage has many benefits for your canine friend.

So what are the benefits of dog massage, you ask? The benefits that your dog gains will depend upon the reason for his massage.

If he has a health problem and a vet has recommended massage as a form of therapy then the benefits will relate to fixing or at least relieving the health issue.  Often a vet will recommend this therapy when there is a muscle injury, circulation problem and even arthritis.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of dog massage regardless of the reason for your dog undertaking a massage:

  • Massages improve blood and lymph circulation
  • Massages can relieve muscle tension
  • Massages can help a dog to recover quicker from injury
  • Dogs can de-stress with a massage – just like people can
  • A massage can help to rebalance energy
  • Massages can enhance the bond between you and your dog
  • Massaging a dog can increase the immune system

A great benefit of dog massage is to increase the effectiveness and strength of the immune system. Chemicals called cytokines are released during a massage and these help to reduce stress hormones.

Yes, dogs can suffer from stress too! And reducing stress in your dog can lengthen their life and improve their behavior. Improving stress can also help your dog to fight ailments and illnesses as he ages. Many people are now hiring a masseuse for their dog’s happiness.

Just like people, dogs gain pleasure from a massage. However not all dogs are suited to a massage. Some simply will not lay still for long, whilst others (in particular older dogs) could lie down all day and be massaged.

You will know whether or not your dog could handle a massage. Puppies generally will not have the patience for it but, who knows – once he experiences the pleasure of a massage his whole personality might change!

You can ask a vet for advice on the best spots and the type of pressure to use, but it is not overly difficult to apply a feel good massage to your dog.

The benefits of dog massage are clear – your dog will love it and you’ll love have a more relaxed, happy dog!

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