Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) January 6, 2009 — DOGS doing YOGA! Now this is something you’ve got to see! The all new Amy Stevens’ Yoga4Dogs DVD is here and it’s helping people all over the country partner up their pets for a yoga experience unlike any other!

“It’s the perfect way to work out with your pooch,” said Amy Stevens, creator and on-screen instructor, “there’s nothing better than getting a great workout and bonding with your beloved pets.”

The yoga for dogs ( DVD features yoga for people, yoga for pets and yoga poses both people and their pets can do together right in their very own living room. And the best part of all is that it’s great for all dogs, big and small!

So lose the leash and get ready for some seriously fun Doga ( moves like the “Super Dog”, “Wag the Tail”, the “Wheel Barrow” and many more.

The Yoga4Dogs DVD can be viewed and ordered online at

Each DVD contains a free sample of the Amy Stevens’ Cooking4Canines Cookbook, features a step by step Happy Paws Dog Massage and one dollar of all online DVD sales will go to the listed charity of your choice.

Yoga4Dogs is an up and coming company located in Mesa, Arizona that specializes in unique products for both people and their pets.