At bigger retailers, yoga equipment can be expensive and more times than not, the product will be imported and made of cheap, synthetic materials. The new green is a website that carries high quality eco-friendly yoga products and other eco-friendly items.

Sedona, AZ (PRWEB) April 23, 2009 — Independent business owner, Jan Geiger, is passionate about the environment. She looked long and hard to find suppliers that care as much about our eco-system. Her web store,, is built with products from manufacturers that give you the choices of organic products, from the insides out and products that are biodegradable, made of materials that replenish the soil, are sustainable and provide work for people in Third World Countries.

“Some products on my site are made with organic cotton fibers and other natural resources and they are hand crafted in the USA,” said Geiger. “Those cheap products can ruin our environment and our health with their toxins and PVCs and even in the manufacturing process, our earth can really suffer. I’m really learning a lot from this adventure.”

Geiger jumped through hurdles while building her website, searching out not only a line of eco-yoga mats and yoga blocks that are not foam, but also ones that are affordable and she finally found her perfect match. “Adding product has become such a joy! I actually have a website that I am proud of, for the items I carry and the prices I offer them for.”

“You wouldn’t believe the mark up on some of the cheap, toxic products,” she said. “But I took my time and I stand behind the quality of my yoga supplies and the other items that my site carries.” launched recently in March 2009, and though the website is still on the newer side, Geiger continues to look for new products (“I would like to see organic furniture on the site someday,” she said) and new features to add to the strengths of her site. In fact, Geiger has also added a new blog to the many attributes of her site.

The blog,, has reviews on some of the products that appear on, and information to help educate a person shopping for yoga supplies. And as she puts it, “you will eventually find more about yoga positions and yoga health remedies, what we collectively can do for our Mother Earth and other things I think about.”

One of the companies that Geiger selected even has a unique incentive for buying their products:

“They plant a tree in a rain forest on our planet for each item purchased,” she said, “to offset any manufacturing and shipping harm it might cause. That’s the kind of responsibility and act that isn’t present in most companies these days.”

While the site continues to grow and expand on its environmentally friendly message, Geiger encourages people to visit her site, use eco-yoga mats and other eco-items she carries as a stepping stone for a better Earth.

“It’s a small gesture, but it is time for each of us to take mass control of our own life,” she explained, “and do what we can to protect ourselves and the Earth. Just the fact that there are a few companies that make these kinds of products show that we don’t have to use non-organic or non-natural, Earth polluting materials to enjoy good quality and affordable products.

“It’s not about the dollar, it’s about evolving to a better space for ourselves and our Planet,” she continued.

About the Company: is a part of The Tortoise and the Frog, LLC. which is operated by Jan Geiger and Thomas Pratt.