As a professional massage therapist or bodyworker, it is important to maintain top quality in every aspect of your practice, from your hands-on skills to the tools you use each day. Never let any one facet of your massage or bodywork business become an afterthought. Instead, take the time to ensure the highest quality in your session room, and more than likely you will ensure more clients as well.

Taking pride in the work you do means taking pride at every level, from the texture, warmth and cleanliness of your linens to the lighting in your session space. After a certain amount of time in practice, it is all too easy to grow at least a little bit complacent and stop seeing your work through clients’ eyes.

To prevent this sort of plateau period in your professional life, make it a point to take stock of each facet of your massage or bodywork business, perhaps once a month or every three months. Attempt to see it all through your clients’ eyes, and write down any ideas or thoughts that come to mind that could help you make an improvement.

One example of an aspect of a massage or bodywork business that may need refreshing is massage cream. Once a touch therapist discovers a massage cream he or she likes, that cream is often ordered in bulk amounts, and it becomes a mainstay of the practice. Of course, finding and using a high-quality massage cream is wonderful. However, that does not mean the massage therapist or bodyworker should then stop looking at what else is out there in the vast selection of massage creams.

Even if your session room is stocked with a large supply of your favorite massage cream, you should still make an effort to keep your eye on the market for improvements or advancements in this important item. It is good to know what else is out there, so you can avoid the type of tunnel vision that can keep a practice from growing and improving. Besides, when your bulk supply begins to run out, you may find yourself thinking about trying a new and different massage cream, which can bring a certain element of freshness and excitement back into your daily practice.

In the end, you may not decide to switch brands or styles when it comes to your main massage cream, but you could find other massage creams to keep on hand for specific client needs or complaints, or simply to complement your current massage cream.

For example, today’s massage cream market offers products formulated for specific regions of the body, such as the face or feet. You may wish to pick one or more of these products up, so that you can give special attention to these different regions of the body, which frequently present with different issues.

Don’t rest on your laurels at any level of your massage or bodywork practice, from the training and technique all the way to massage cream.

–Brandi Schlossberg