NEW YORK, NY, Aug. 13, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — For years, consumers have turned to massage as a favorable way to relax and release tension. However, a recent article from The Washington Post reveals that many new studies are proving massage therapy offers a variety of health benefits that extend far beyond that of relaxation and extended comfort. In response to these developments, board-certified sports medicine physician Dr. Marv Scott explains massages may no longer be just for those seeking respite at the spa, but also for those who want to improve mobility and decrease inflammation.

As founder of the Performance Health Program in New York City, Scott has seen the improvements massage therapies can make on a patient’s pain level, especially in cases that result from heavy exercise. He explains, “One of the most popular services we offer at Performance Health is our massage therapy. Our massage therapists excel in three different types: soft, deep, and sports massages. These manual techniques help alleviate pain, combat fatigue as well as decrease muscle and joint stiffness.” What Scott has observed for years, is now being validated by several studies conducted by authorities in the massage industry.

According to the article, The University of Miami Medical School has conducted more than 100 studies on the subject, revealing that “massage’s benefits can include positive effects on depression and anxiety, sleep, stress hormones, immunity and pain relief.” In addition, Rebekah Owens, an instructor at the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, explains that massage is especially important for athletes who want to increase mobility and reduce pain. She states, “Post-workout massage helps reduce spasms and cramping, helps relax and soften the injured, overused, tired muscles and helps to stretch and exercise weak, tight and atrophied muscles, which is also great in hospital settings for patients who are bedridden.”

Scott encourages all patients to seek massage therapy on a regular basis, as continuous use provides benefits that amplify over time. He explains, “Getting a massage routinely allows our therapists to get to the root of the pain, whether it is in the lower back, shoulder or ankle. This is more effective than receiving a general massage once every so often, as it promotes holistic healing.”

While many professionals like Scott are well-versed in the benefits of massage therapy (as well as the benefits of massage products like massage cream), the article notes that researchers are only on the horizon of how effective these practices can be. Scott supports further research and encourages all those experiencing frequent pain to try massage as a way to reduce or alleviate ongoing discomfort.

About Dr. Mary Scott

Dr. Marv Scott, board-certified sports medicine physician, is the founder of the Performance Health Program in New York City. As part of his efforts to improve health and fitness, Scott develops personalized care plans that utilize a variety of treatments, such as massage. Scott is currently an active member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, American Medical Association and American College of Sports Medicine. Through his strong involvement with the medical community, he is a strong supporter of new orthopedic research studies.

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