When we are in our most peaceful yet aware state, we are on the cusp of the Alpha and Theta brainwave state and our brains emit a vibration in the range of 7-9 hertz or cycles per second. In this state, we are most receptive to healing suggestion and influence. This is similar to the Earth Resonance Frequency which is the basic vibration that all the beings on earth harmonize with. First a simple explanation is in order. Every space has its own frequency that resounds the best, whether it be a room, a cathedral, or a pop bottle. For instance, if you send a series of tones of an ascending frequency spectrum into a space, the tone will become extremely loud at one point in the frequency spectrum or ‘sweep’. This point is the ‘resonant frequency of the space.’ In the same way, electromagnetic field of the atmospheric cavity of the Earth has a frequency that it resonates at and this is called the Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF). This frequency was actually calculated by a physicist named Winfried Otto Schumann and has since been shown via instrumentation to be the same at 7.83 hertz. It is therefore sometimes called the Schumann Resonance.

Earth Resonance Frequency is the vibrational environment that all beings on earth evolved into and they respond to it in very subtle ways. Because our bodies have grown up in this environment since the beginning of time, many of the basic functions of the body are related to it. Our nervous system fires at close to this rate. Our brain goes into an Alpha state under the influence of this original frequency. This creates a supra-normal state which enhances relaxation, healing, and super-learning. Dolphins, whales and crickets use that frequency to communicate with as it functions like the carrier waves of a radio signal. Studies have shown that the effect on the human system is significant and when we are in the presence of the Earth Resonance Frequency, our human nervous system is triggered back to a basic state of meditation and balance. Dean Evenson of Soundings of the Planet includes the ERF in his healing music to enhance the peaceful state that the music creates. The vibration is a sub-audio tone that can be felt but not heard. It causes the brainwaves to entrain with it and triggers the brain to move into an Alpha state more easily. It also helps people get in touch with the earth itself. By aligning ourselves on every level with the earth, we support our wellbeing and create a greater receptivity for healing to occur.


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