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MASSAGE Magazine article, “Earthing Connects Us to Our Planet’s Healing Energy,” by Tina Michaud-Gray, R.N., L.M.T., in the March 2014 issue. Article summary: There is a growing buzz in the health world these days about a phenomenon called earthing. Earthing refers to the discovery that making contact with Earth’s natural surface charge—being grounded—can prevent and reduce chronic inflammation in the body; improve sleep, circulation and energy; accelerate recovery and healing; help defuse stress; and significantly knock down pain.

The physical work of massage therapy requires practitioners find ways to reduce inflammation and create a state of healing in our own bodies.

Earthing, also called grounding, does just that.

I have been utilizing earthing for about a decade, and now would not work without it. I stand on a conductive earthing pad when performing massage and also put a smaller conductive mat on the table, under the chest or back of the client. Therefore, both the client and I have bare-skin contact with Earth’s healing energy, just as if we were both barefoot outdoors.

Indoor Earthing Systems 

Indoor earthing systems, like the ones I use, are connected via a wire to a ground port (third hole) of a properly grounded wall outlet or to a ground rod placed in earth outside. Earthing systems don’t work on electricity; they transfer Earth’s natural energy to your body.

As all of us know, doing the physical work of massage therapy can become exhausting. On the first day working grounded, I had so much energy I was able to work on twice as many clients as usual. I never lost energy or strength. The next day, I had no soreness or fatigue.

It’s been that way ever since. I use earthing technology most of my sleeping and waking day. I sleep grounded. I work grounded. I am always in a state of healing, minimizing inflammation and keeping cortisol under control. I have plenty of stamina. This is what Earth’s ground energy does for you.

Effects on Clients  

For my clients, adding earthing technology to a treatment allows them to relax quicker as they lay on the table. Using earthing with trigger-point therapy allows knots to dissipate faster, making it easier on me and less painful for the client. Earthing is also a vital component for rehabilitating clients from injury and surgery. My clients all notice the difference earthing has made in their treatments. They recover from injuries and surgeries in half the time. After experiencing earthing in my treatments, most of my clients have added earthing into their lives.

As a healing practitioner, I try to educate others, including family, friends and clients, on how to help themselves. To me, earthing is the ultimate self-help tool for health and healing, something simple and natural, yet extremely profound. Mother Earth has some surprisingly powerful healing medicines to offer all of us. All we have to do is reconnect with her.

Tina Michaud-Gray has worked for more than 20 years with soft-tissue injury and acute and chronic pain. She founded the New England Rapid Recovery Center in Dover, New Hampshire (http://healingnh.com), and uses earthing as an integral part of her practice to generate tissue repair, pain-free range of motion, muscular flexibility and strength. For more information about earthing, contact The Earthing Institute (www.earthinginstitute.net).