Dallas, TX–With so much to do, it’s easy to neglect your health goals each day.

“By adding these easy tasks to the top of your daily to-do list, you’ll be making your way to optimal health step-by-step,” said CG Funk, vice president of industry relations and product development for Massage Envy, the leading provider of massage therapy in the United States.

1. Eat right, right away. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, will jump-start your metabolism, give you immediate energy and help you burn more calories. With all meals, think about food as a rainbow: the more color, the better. Think about eating sweet potatoes instead of white and deep green romaine lettuce over iceberg for starters.

2. Get off the couch. Some 70 percent of American adults don’t get enough physical activity to provide health benefits. The American Heart Association recommends 30 to 40 minutes of vigorous exercise three to five days a week. “Exercise is one of the best things you can do to live longer and better,” said Funk. Benefits include reduced risk of heart attack and depression, increased late-day energy, improved sleep habits, lower weight and improved self-esteem.

3. Kick the habit. Smoking causes 440,000 premature deaths each year. Don’t be one of them. The benefits of stopping smoking are extraordinary. Simply put, you’ll add years to your life.

4. Laugh. Laughter lowers your blood pressure, increases blood flow to your heart and pumps more oxygen into the blood. A strong sense of humor may even help protect you against a heart attack, according to a study by cardiologists.

5. Go to bed early. Adequate restful sleep, just like diet and exercise, is critical to good health. According to the National Institutes of Health, healthy adults need an average of eight hours each night.

6. Regular massage therapy. Massage can also contribute to healthy living. In addition to relieving stress and encouraging relaxation, regular massage therapy can improve circulation, lower blood pressure, improve flexibility and even strengthen the immune system, all of which can positively contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

At Massage Envy, an introductory one-hour massage session (a 50-minute massage and time for consultation and dressing) is just $39 – a 40 percent savings – a $65 value. Memberships are available for $49 per month and include a one-hour massage session. Members may also enjoy unlimited additional one-hour massage sessions at the $39 member rate.

Log on to www.massageenvy.com to find the nearest Massage Envy clinic. There are 25 Massage Envy locations throughout the Metroplex and another three are scheduled to open soon. All are open seven days per week.