5MiniMeals Launches On-line Healthy Affordable Meal Plan

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2009 — Eating five small meals a day has been known to stabilize blood glucose and insulin levels, decrease craving, and help prevent overeating. While some people would like to consume small servings every couple hours, the biggest complaint is the lack of time. Now there is an energy boosting, weight loss option available on-line that offers a quick and simple mini meal program with the click of a button.

Registered dietician, Norae Ferrera from the SF Nutrition Clinic and Sarah Patnode, creator of 5minimeals.com have designed an on-line affordable meal plan that offers healthy choices, addresses portion control, and can increase your metabolism. "Our goal is to teach people about eating 5, small, well-balanced meals more frequently, which curbs hunger pains and prevents overeating at mealtime. We provide a weekly shopping list, menu with delicious recipes and educational support, so you can learn about shopping for fresh foods and eating right," explains Patnode. "This is not a diet, it’s an easy lifestyle change so you can maintain your energy and feel great all day long."

By eating 5 mini meals you can expect to:
1. Maximize Your Metabolism
2. Eliminate Cravings Because You’re Eating Frequently
3. Maintain Energy Level
4. Change Your Lifestyle

Norae Ferrera of the SF Nutrition Clinic comments, "As a registered dietitian, it’s easy to recommend 5MiniMeals to clients. People are looking for quick solutions that are interesting and healthy. 5MiniMeals provides the menu and gives you a perfectly organized shopping list, so your prep time is cut in half! Being healthy doesn’t have to take all day anymore."

To kick off Spring, 5MiniMeals is offering ½ off the first month (regularly monthly price $14.99) with coupon code: 5MM. When you sign up, you’ll receive a shopping list with recommendations of healthy and fresh items and weekly menus with 5 suggested meals per day.

5 Mini Meals (http://www.5minimeals.com) is an on-line company that provides a healthy lifestyle option by offering menus with 5 recommended mini meals per day and weekly shopping lists for people who want to lose and/or maintain their weight.


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