WESTCHESTER, NY, April 16, 2009 — Earth Day 2009 officially marks the 20th Anniversary of Eco-Bags Products, Inc. (ECOBAGS.com), The Original Reusable Bag Company. Founder and CEO, Sharon Rowe began her business with a pallet of ECOBAGS Classic String Bags at a 1989 Earth Day event in New York City. After selling out of 5,000 string totes in just a few short hours, Rowe realized that she had tapped into a significant, life-changing idea (bring your own bag) and the company was born. Ten years later, in 1999, the company launched ECOBAGS.com, offering their sustainable goods to retail outlets and customers world-wide.

ECOBAGS.com has evolved into an industry leader in the reusable bag marketplace and is recognized as a thought-leader in the larger “eco-revolution.” The company marries its 20-year history of producing high-quality products with its commitment to environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manufacturing practices. Providing eco-friendly, certified fair wage and fair labor products, the privately-held company reported annual sales of $3M in 2008.

“The biggest surprise to me over the past 20 years has been the dramatic shift in market preference toward our environmental values,” Rowe says, noting that the market for the “bring your own bag” concept was widely accepted at health food stores and in the natural & organics industry for years before it hit the mainstream in early 2007. “Al Gore and the debates about how to combat global warming shook people out of complacency and into a mindset of ‘what can I do?”” says Rowe.

Earth Day 2009 also marks the launch of ECOBAGS For GOOD, a comprehensive fundraising program for schools and non-profits groups. The company has also broadened its custom design and printing capabilities and provides a full range of custom products that help clients to align their brand with the trusted ECOBAGS brand. ECOBAGS.com also continues to support positive legislative initiatives in the United States aimed at reducing the consumption of single-use plastic and paper bags, which is consistent with the company’s message about waste reduction and environmental conservation.

When asked how she grew ECOBAGS.com to where it is today Rowe responds, “There have been a lot of challenges and a tremendous sense of reward. At first, we felt like we were pushing a giant boulder up a hill, trying to convince people of the concept of ‘bring your own bag.’ Then, once the light bulb went on, dozens of competitors sprang up and reusable bags (our core products) became a vertical market sector! Since then we’ve been sprinting to stay ahead of the boulder and avoid being crushed by both the demand for our products and the simultaneous challenges of the current financial crisis. We’re really fortunate to have a strong, committed team; people who are fueled by a common vision, passion and willingness to work hard. We understand that teaching people to bring their own bags, water bottles and lunch bags is a first step in a much wider conversation about personal actions that make a difference.”

So what’s next for ECOBAGS.com? “I see this company maintaining its position as a market leader in sustainable ideas and products,” says Rowe. “The concept of ‘going green’ is now mainstream so it’s time to go deeper into the conversations about packaging, energy conservation and sustainable products with a much larger, more involved public. We learn, we do and we share…knowledge and products. That’s our future.”

About Eco-Bags Products, Inc. (ECOBAGS.com)
Eco-Bags Products, Inc. (ECOBAGS.com) is driven by a passion for a simpler, more abundant life. The company designs, manufactures and sells eco-friendly products which can be found online at www.ECOBAGS.com and through retailers nationwide. Products include Canvas & Lightweight Totes for Shopping and Promotions in Recycled, Organic & Natural Fibers, Lunch Bags, Classic String Bags , Produce Bags, GREENBAGS , ECOBAGS Design Totes with Quotes and Custom Print and Design Bags. All ECOBAGS products are manufactured Fair Wage/Fair Labor. The company is based in Ossining, NY.