SAN DIEGO, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ — It's a daily assault of panic, crisis and upheavals being thrown at us practically 24/7. Listen to the radio, and it's gloom and doom. Turn on the TV, and every talking head has another scenario of calamity. Pick up the newspaper, and the headlines are practically screaming disaster.

It's enough to make you wish for some hermitage in the Himalayas.

But musician Edward Weiss has a better idea: Play some New Age Music and beat the stress. As Edward says:

"At first glance it might seem a bit unorthodox. We're conditioned by the mass media into thinking if something doesn't come packaged in a pill or combined with a high price tag, it can't really do much for us.

"However, it's been proven for years in medical studies that music does indeed reduce anxieties and stress. In the early 1990s, Bryan Memorial Hospital (Lincoln, Nebraska) found that music significantly lowered a patient's heart rate, blood pressure and respiration.

"These results were repeated by studies conducted by St. Mary's Hospital (in Mequon, Wisconsin), as well as recent research conducted by Taiwan's Kaohsiung Medical University, College of Nursing."

When asked if any music will work, Edward is adamant:

"Of course not. Just listen to some 'gangsta rap' and you'll be wired for sound! Music can and does indeed effect our emotions — but you have to pick the right type."

According to Edward, New Age Music is especially good for natural, holistic stress relief:

"This type of music just naturally flows, easing tensions, calming you down and bringing you to a different perspective. And that's just listening to it. Actually playing it yourself is even better at soothing that 'savage emotional beast' in all of us."

Appropriately, Edward has introduced an online course that teaches anyone (and he emphasizes anyone) how to compose and play their own New Age Piano Music.

Edward explains:

"All you need is the desire, the patience — and of course the keyboard. These step-by-step online video instructions provide everything else. Rank beginners to accomplished professionals will see just how easy it can be.

"You'll learn at your own pace, going over each streaming video lesson as many times as you need. It's basically 'Look, Listen and Learn.'"

So if this hectic, non-stop, 24-hour news cycle world we're living in has you climbing up the walls, start to de-stress yourself naturally. What better way in doing just that than in creating your very own New Age Music. Mystical, spiritual and inspired — the timeless voice of life itself.

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