Beginning in February 2009 the Sedona School of Massage will be hosting a 10 day, 60 hour, teacher training program. The purpose of this workshop is to offer participants a chance to look deeply in to the nature of education. Participating in this experience, you will gain new knowledge and skills for more effective classroom management.

Most teachers in our field got there because we were offered a chance by a senior instructor to assist in a teaching position. From there we have made our way by intuition, mimicking, luck, or just plain trial and error. Imagine what will happen when we are able to define our particular pedagogy, and be much more effective in our classroom management. Answer these questions for yourself. What do you do if a student starts crying in class?

What books do I use in my class? How do I know if my teaching is effective? What is it I am actually teaching? What ethics govern teachers? What is the difference between education, and indoctrination? Who am I to be teaching anyway? Who is grading me? To contemplate questions such as these is to begin to contemplate the nature of education.

Throughout the 10 days, we will be hiking, in the world famous red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, practicing various communication skills, and also a lot of breathing moving and smiling. In short, this exciting program is highly educational, personally transformative, and a whole lot of fun. What better way can you think of for a massage teacher to get Cue’s. The cost of this advanced training workshop is $1500 dollars. It is currently only open to those who are already Certified Massage Therapists or instructors.

To register for the program contact Damian Matthews (928) 284-3693 or via email at or