A new national organization for massage therapy schools and educators launched late this summer.

The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education (www.afmte.org) is intended to serve as an independent voice and advocate for the entire massage-education sector, from entry-level training programs through post-graduate studies.

It will include three components: a School Network (for the institutions themselves); a Teacher’s Network (for instructors in those institutions); and a Continuing Education Network (for providers of post-graduate training). The Alliance will be structured as a nonprofit organization governed by a board of directors elected democratically from within its membership.

The massage field’s educators already have the American Massage Therapy Association’s (AMTA) Council of Schools; however, the council adopted a motion in January to begin separating from the AMTA and to reform as “an independent and autonomous non-profit organization,” according to alliance Executive Director Rick Rosen.

Because six months had elapsed since the adoption of the motion, with no action taken on the part of the council, education leaders took matters into their own hands and launched the alliance, he said.

The November issue of MASSAGE Magazine will feature a Q&A with Rosen about the goals and structure of the alliance.