VENTURA, Calif., Nov. 10 /PRNewswire/ — EFX Design & Marketing, Inc. of Ventura, California announces its dedicated website for environmentally green promotional marketing, office, stationery, and other related products to meet the ever-increasing demands for affordable green products in the promotional marketing industry. The website features products produced with organic, recycled and low-impact materials and processes as well as those with a solar flair and energy-saving nature.

In conjunction, the company announces the release of its ECOEFX brand wearables, a private label of organic and/or recycled t-shirts, caps, and other garments and accessories. These wearables are custom-imprinted with client’s logo and/or artwork by EFX in-house and are not outsourced, allowing for greater quality control over the finished product. Custom artwork, graphic design and logo creation services are also available from our in-house artists so that clients can benefit from a ‘one-stop source’ when new or adapted designs and logos are desired.

Eco-minded businesses can enjoy a special introductory savings of $30 OFF any new order of $500 or more of eco-friendly products placed from November 11-December 31, 2008. Interested buying agents may visit website at or contact EFX at 805.650.6103 or by email at

EFX Design & Marketing, Inc., based in Ventura, California, has been doing business in the United States locally and nationwide since 1993 in the promotional marketing industry. EFX offers competitive, ‘power’ purchasing for corporations and businesses on its website at Other services offered are:

  • Custom-imprinted wearables and accessories are handled in-house including those made with organic and recycled materials.
  • Promotional products, including those made with eco-friendly materials and processes.
  • Green office products.
  • Printed forms and stationery, including those made with eco-friendly materials and processes.
  • Web design and services.
  • Custom artwork (in-house).
  • Graphic design & logo creation (in-house).
  • Printed marketing publications such as brochures, flyers, postcards, catalogs, and posters.