CALABASAS, CA –ElanVeda, an Ayurvedic herbal and aromatherapy lifestyle products company, has announced its partnership with Dr. Marc Halpern and The California College of Ayurveda. By collaborating with the California College of Ayurveda and Halpern, ElanVeda will receive the necessary expertise to bring ancient traditions into modern formulations and provide the highest-quality herbal formulations and essential oil blends available on the market.

The California College of Ayurveda is the leading institution of Ayurvedic education in the U.S. and Halpern, the college’s founder, holds high respect around the world as an expert in Ayurvedic medicine. The benefits of Ayurvedic medicine and a yogic lifestyle have been an effective way to prevent and cure illness and injury for thousands of years. Eating healthy foods, exercise, meditation, yoga and the use of herbs are all a part of the mind-body-spirit connection that that is vital our well-being.

ElanVeda is committed to bringing the highest-quality herbal formulations and aromatherapy products to the public. In addition to bringing in the expertise of Halpern and the California College of Ayurveda, all products produced will be organic whenever possible. All capsules used are vegan and all products contain no carrier, fillers or artificial ingredients.

The ElanVeda company was founded by CEO Daniel Palmer in 2008. What started as a personal journey in pursuit of good health led to a major discovery for Palmer and his wife. On their path to better health, the Palmers realized that a large part of the world’s population is unfamiliar with many of the wonderful natural remedies available through Ayurvedic formulas and medicine. ElanVeda’ current line of products includes four premier essential oil blends and four supplements. ElanVeda’s proprietary essential oil and aromatherapy blends are formulated for use in massage therapy, anti-aging and for temporary relief of discomfort associated with headaches and sinus pain. In addition, ElanVeda supplements also address issues related to the common cold, respiratory congestion, hair loss (unhealthy hair), and internal detox and general wellness.

The California College of Ayurveda (CCA), is the longest running, state-approved (complying with the standards set forth in the California Education Code) college offering professional training programs for the study of Ayurvedic medicine in the West. This partnership allows both Palmer and Halpern to realize their dream of making Ayurvedic medicine a well-known and popular practice in the U.S. Palmer spoke of the partnership: “I’m so pleased that the quality and efficacy of our products has been recognized by a prestigious Ayurvedic health specialist such as Dr. Halpern, and a trusted source such as CCA. Our goal is simple: We want to bring good health to everyone, and all natural is the way to go. It’s worked for so many, and we’re excited to see the results over the next few years.”

The partnership will be finalized in the coming months, and Halpern will work with ElanVeda to ensure the highest-quality products and materials are produced, enhancing the wellness of experienced Ayurveda enthusiasts and new practitioners alike.

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