Florida has a greater number of licensed massage professionals—more than 38,000—than any other U.S. state. This week, 81 Florida massage licenses were suspended due to fraudulent practice on the part of a massage school employee. The story was reported by the Tampa Bay Times newspaper.

“According to Gov. Rick Scott, about 200 people who did not enroll in massage school nonetheless received transcripts showing successful completion by paying between $10,000 and $15,000 to an individual who worked at a Florida massage school,” the Times reported. “They used those transcripts to get massage licenses from the Florida Department of Health.”

Read the Times article here.

In another article published in the SunSentinel newspaper, the suspensions were reported to be tied to the governor’s crackdown on human trafficking in the state. That article quoted Scott as saying, “‘I want to make one message very clear—if you want to break the law, if you want to prey on the vulnerable, if you are in any way in the business of human trafficking, you do not want to do it in Florida. Our justice system here is thorough and swift. We will find you out and we will punish you to the fullest extent of the law.'”

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