From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Energetic Skin Care,” by Jon Canas, in the February 2010 issue. Article summary: Massage therapists are among the relatively few people who have an intuitive knowledge that the body is not simply matter (solids and fluids), but energy as well. Of course, we are not talking here about the energy released by the myriad of chemical activities going on in the body at any given time; we are talking about vital energy, what Hindus call prana and Chinese people call chi. This subtle and intelligent energy is central to Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine.

by Hans Kleinert and Nicole Rose

Energetic pollutants, such as mental, emotional and physical pain, electromagnetic frequencies and other pollutants, can hinder a client’s ability to heal. They can also build up within ourselves, the therapists, making our work more difficult while contributing to possible burnout.

Joie Jones, Ph.D, professor of radiology at the University of California—Irvine, performed 10 years of experimental research in laboratories with distinctly different energetic environmental conditions. Three different labs were evaluated: a conditioned lab (one cleaned by pranic healers); a nonconditioned lab (a new, well-maintained environment); a dirty lab (where animal dissection and other lengthy experimentation was conducted).

The experiments utilized cells subjected to gamma radiation, and they employed pranic healers to increase the survival rate of exposed cells.

In the cleaned lab, the success rate of healing was 87 percent. In the nonconditioned lab, success was 10 percent. In the energetically dirty lab, healing was 0 percent and it remained at 0 percent throughout the 10 years of research.

These experiments were repeated using subtle energy technology, developed by physicist Yury Kronn, to replicate the pranic healer’s energetic patterns. The results were identical to the previous findings of Jones, concluding effective healing cannot occur in an energetically polluted environment.

As a result of these experiments, an energetically imbued liquid spray was created that can clean energetic pollution in minutes. Jeffrey Marrongelle, M.D., reported after spraying the formula around patients he observed positive changes in the autonomic nervous system response measured using HRV testing. There was a drop in elevated heart rate up to 20 beats per minute and a decrease in nervous system response.

Such experimentation reveals the importance of effectively cleaning clinics and treatment rooms. There are many ways to energetically cleanse, from smudging to applying technological advancements like energy imbued spray. The main requirement is that it works.

Hans Kleinert has been a massage therapist and energetic healer for 30 years. Kleinert and Nicole Rose work in the field of energetic frequency healing, educating others. Together, they co-founded Manasté Network, dedicated to sharing emerging technologies for body, mind, spirit health. For more information on energetic cleansing, visit