Female using computer with headphonesThe opportunity to learn a new skill can be valuable when it comes to enhancing your touch therapy career, whether it is a new hands-on technique or a more advanced level of a modality that you currently practice.

For those practitioners who cannot make it to an in-person seminar or class, the growing availability of high-quality, home-based continuing education makes it much easier to find accessible opportunities on a regular basis.

Distance and travel

Accessing an in-person seminar or class with elite educators can be challenging for practitioners who don’t live close to on-site locations. Without investing money in gas, airline tickets, hotel accommodations, or other travel expenses, it can be tough to be in the right place at the right time.

Timing and opportunity

On-site classes with top providers may not happen all that often, further decreasing the opportunity to attend one of these seminars in person. Fortunately, more and more instructors are beginning to teach web-based courses in an effort to extend their reach. Keep up with the teachers you would like to learn from to find out if and when their next online class or webinar may be.

Quality and substance

To get the most out of any home-based course, make sure you enroll in a class of substance and quality—not just the first one that pops up on a search page. Look beyond the courses that require only reading material and tests for fast, easy credits.

While these classes may allow you to earn the hours you need to renew and maintain your license or certification, there is a chance they may not challenge and push you to meet your personal goals.

Educational resources

Even though you’re taking a class from your living room or office, you should still be getting the same level of education that in-person courses provide. Several courses include a rich selection of materials, such as videos, textbooks and workbooks.

Some videos not only show the teacher as he or she instructs, but also include graphics that can further enhance the learning experience. With the right resources, you can still get a visual learning experience.