Logo for Massage Therapist Appreciation Week, Jan. 22-26, 2024

Massage Therapist Appreciation Week (MTAW) shows gratitude and support for all massage therapists who show up to help make the world better by facilitating pain relief and relaxation. The week is sponsored by MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus.

Free webinars, giveaways and career guides are among the gifts that MMIP created for massage therapists. These will be available on the MTAW website Jan. 22-26, 2024. Log on each day to download gifts on these topics:

Jan. 22: Self-Care

Jan. 23: Business & Finance

Jan. 24: Techniques & Modalities

Jan. 25: Client Interaction & Safety

Jan. 26: Massage as Integrative Health Care

“With MTAW, our goal is to provide inspiration and unwavering support to massage therapists, both on a personal and professional level,” said Associate Director of Marketing Hannah Young.

During the week, massage experts will present on such topics as business, self-care, techniques, client communication and building a referral network.

Sign up and gather your free gifts at massagemagins.com/appreciation. Or scan the QR code here:

QR code for MTAW