is a bold new website that helps others do their part to help the environment by choosing eco-friendly clothing. Website founder Penny Nash is a strong advocate for eco-friendly clothing, offering innovative apparel and accessories through her website, as well as information through her new blog.

Glenburnie, ON (PRWEB) September 26, 2009 — Penny Nash, founder of, has long been concerned with what is happening to the environment.

“I’ve been reading about the impact humanity is having on the earth for a long time, and I’m disappointed that more hasn’t been done to stop pollution, climate change and species extinction,” said Nash. “Finally I decided to get involved, and that’s when I launched my website,” she added.

On Nash’s website, visitors will find a wide range of clothing made from eco-friendly materials including bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. “I have clothing for men and women in all different sizes, and all of the clothing is just as comfortable as it is durable,” said Nash. “I also offer eco-friendly footwear for both men and women.”

In addition, Nash plans to add more eco-friendly apparel and accessories in the near future. “Right now I specialize in clothing for adults, but I’m planning on adding apparel and footwear for infants, children and teens soon,” said Nash.

Because most people are unfamiliar with the environmental benefits of wearing eco-friendly clothing, Nash created a new blog at On the blog she plans to discuss the impact her clothing products have on the environment.

“A lot of people might think wearing hemp t-shirts or using bamboo towels is trivial in the grand scheme of saving the environment, but it’s not at all,” said Nash. “Hemp and bamboo are renewable, don’t need pesticides under most circumstances and biodegrade much faster than other materials. Growing and harvesting these materials has much less long term impact on the environment, and it lowers our carbon footprint.”

In the distant future, Nash sees her website as a more comprehensive resource for all those looking for their part to help the environment, but for now, believes eco-friendly clothing is a step in the right direction.

“Eventually I’d like to offer solar panels, wind generators, composters and other products that can help the environment,” said Nash. “But I think organic clothing is a great place to start, because it’s practical and it allows anyone to make a difference right now.”