Dealing in sustainable and environmentally responsible goods, also contains links to information about chemical- and pesticide-free products. Adding to their current line, the site is soon to include marula oil and other fair trade crafts from Botswana. They have also launched, an informational blog.

Crewe, VA (PRWEB) December 6, 2008 —, a website dedicated to eco-friendly products and information about fair trade and sustainable business practices, has plans to update the products on the site to include marula oil. was launched October 2008 by Beverly Hill. Drawing on her personal background of environmental awareness, cultural and religious tolerance, and knowledge of the food industry, Hill’s website revolves around conservation, environmentalism, and humanitarian efforts.

“I was raised to respect the earth. I learned from an early age not to litter or be wasteful of anything, so it only seemed right that my website would promote environmental responsibility,” said Hill. “I didn’t want to do what everyone else does, which is sell wasteful, cheap products. Everything I sell is organic, healthy for the planet, promotes fair trade, or helps detoxify the body.”

Built around the idea of education, the focus of her site is not just the promotion of ethically made products. It is also the proliferation of change in general business practices.

“This site is meant to educate people about sustainable practices and lifestyles. Everything on the site is fair trade certified, because I believe that we should be more aware of how our purchases affect people’s lives. ‘Big box’ shopping does not accomplish this,” said Hill. “I refuse to sell anything that’s wasteful or wastefully packaged. I also won’t sell anything with harmful or poisonous ingredients. When people receive these items, they’ll see how high quality and safe these products can be.”

Furthering the idea of the site as an information source, there are currently multiple links to other sites dealing with humanitarian and environmental issues.

Continually expanding the scope of the site, the newest plans are to add fair trade items from Africa, including marula oil.

“This oil is harvested by women in Botswana in an entirely sustainable way,” said Hill. “It is full of antioxidants and healing properties. It helps soothe burns and even helps with skin hydration. We’ll also be adding local crafts from Botswana like ostrich egg shell necklaces.”

Reaching out to customers who have remaining questions about fair trade practices or environmentally friendly products, the site has recently added a company blog at The informational venue made its debut in late October 2008.

“Like my site, I want my blog to be informative and to encourage people,” said Hill. “The posts on this blog will contain information that people really need, and if they have any other questions, they can always contact me.”

About Gaston Enterprises LLC
Gaston Enterprises LLC is the parent company of Founded in October 2008 by Beverly Hill, the site provides many different products and links related to sustainable living. Eventually, the site plans to expand into solar and alternative energy resources. As recent attendees of “Green Fest,” there are also plans to add items from additional fair trade and sustainable sources. Giving back, the site currently donates a portion of their proceeds to humanitarian non-profits as well as cancer and Parkinson’s research.