Dallas–If the gloomy economic climate is dragging your morale lower than the Dow Jones Industrial Average, you’re not alone.

Being optimistic in such a bleak economy may seem like a lost cause, but adopting a more upbeat attitude has its health benefits and is a skill that can be learned through practice.

Here are a few tips on how to get more pleasure out of life, regardless of your circumstances:

Have an attitude of gratitude. It’s one of the easiest and most effective paths to a happier life. It’s no coincidence that giving thanks is a foundation of prayer in every religion and culture. Showing gratitude will also make other people feel better about themselves and their situations.

If you’re stuck on what exactly to be grateful for, take a few seconds before you get out of bed each morning to value the potential in each new day. Tell yourself, “I’m grateful to be here.” That thought will improve how you treat yourself and others.

Take a break. Help yourself be more upbeat by scheduling a break in your routine. Have lunch with a friend at your favorite bistro or take a stroll through the farmers market for fresh strawberries.

“A lot of our clients will put a massage on their calendars a week ahead of time, just to have something to look forward to,” says Lance O’Pry, Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Developer for Massage Envy clinics, the leading provider of massage therapy in the U.S.

“Schedulers reap a twofold benefit,” he notes. “They get a rush of happiness anticipating the enjoyable event, and they then savor the activity as it happens.”

Help yourself by helping others. Connecting with those who benefit from your effort is a powerful mood booster. There’s always someone out there who needs a little help, and helping them out will only help you out.

Volunteer at a local pet shelter, library, school or soup kitchen. Ask your community center if you can aid homebound senior citizens by driving them on errands or by just visiting. Fostering personal connections is a powerful antidote to the self-absorption that can overwhelm a person during tough time.

There are enough depressing things going on in the world, but even when times are tough, we can create a more upbeat reality for ourselves. Your optimism will be equally infectious.

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