EverLumen Inc. Provides the Most Efficient and Green Energy Light – Led

Lights, Which Help Customers to Save Energy and Money

EverLumen Inc. (www.everlumen.com) provides the most efficient and green energy light – LED

lights, which help customers to save energy and money.

Hudson, MA (PRWeb) April 2, 2008 — EverLumen Inc., (www.everlumen.com) a leading LED lighting supplier

in New England, today announced that its 6 watt LED light bulb, a 35 watt halogen light replacement, its 5 watt

LED light bulb, a 40 watt incandescent light replacement, and its 15 watt LED light bulb, a 75 watt incandescent

light replacement, are now available to the US market.

The incandescent light bulb will be phased off the U.S. market beginning in 2012 under the new energy law just

approved by Congress. “The LED bulb is one of the most efficient lighting products available. The LED bulb is

the light of the future.” said Helen Lee.

An LED light can last ten times longer than a fluorescent light and fifty times longer than an incandescent light!

Unlike fluorescent, halogen and incandescent lights, LED lights have many incomparable features. LED lights

are cool, durable, do not contain mercury and do not produce UV. LED lighting lights instantly, can be designed

in flexible styles and can provide precise light. Beyond these features, an LED light can generate over 1.5 million

colors. In summary, LED lights can make a difference.

A few features have been incorporated into EverLumen LED lights. These include a high number of lumens per

watt, heat dissipation improvements and natural color.

The real value of LED bulbs becomes clear when one looks at the total cost of ownership. Assuming electricity

costs of $0.124/kwh and 12 to 16 hours of operation per day, an LED bulb costs less to operate than a halogen or

incandescent bulb within one year and less than a fluorescent bulb within three years. LED bulbs will soon be

present in every home and office.

The products represented by EverLumen are in compliance with major international safety standards, including

UL and CE. In additional to high quality, EverLumen offers the most competitive prices for its products.

Everlumen currently serves wholesale customers and distributors. Our brand name is EverLumen. However, we

can provide a private label for large orders.

For more information, please visit http://www.everlumen.com