In preparation for their new infrared saunas, is deeply discounting all their current saunas

North Port, FL (PRWEB) April 28, 2009 — is introducing a new line of saunas for the fall of 2009. To make room for their new infrared sauna line, they are clearancing their existing line of Luxury, Deluxe and affordable infrared saunas. This means savings of up to $1000. All their saunas have lifetime warranty and free shipping within the continental US.

The EvolutionHealth Luxury infrared saunas come in hemlock wood and feature larger cabin sizes and deep benches of 24 inches. The luxury heaters have a larger surface area of heat and feature floor heaters. The wood panels are thicker than most other infrared saunas on the market, with 8mm tongue and groove thickness and double walled for better insulation. These saunas feature a Blaupunkt stereo with MP3 plugin.

The EvolutionHealth Deluxe infrared saunas have 3x larger infrared heating panels than the typical infrared sauna on the market and come with floor heaters. These saunas come in 100 percent hemlock or red cedar wood and some feature oxygen ionizers with aromatherapy. Also included are an AM/FM cd player with MP3 plugin.

The EvolutionHealth affordable infrared saunas are an economical alternative and come with an oxygen ionizer and AM/FM cd player with MP3 plugin.. These saunas come in hemolocj wood with fiber carbon heaters and are available in a 1-person, 2-person, 3-person, 4-person, and corner 3- to 4-person sizes.

All of these Evolutionhealth infrared saunas feature fiber carbon heaters which offer better distribution of heat and faster warm up time. Carbon Heater have a low surface temperature of heat making them safer and providing more of the infrared waves. These EvolutionHealth infrared saunas use a coated flexible metallic conduit for all the interior wiring. The metallic conduit helps in the following:

Protect the wires from external damage.   
Reduce electrical fire hazard.   
PVC coating on the outside provides water and moisture protection.   
Provides Electro-magnetic Field (EMF) shielding. offers health products that are based on Blue’s research and Experience over the last 24+ years. He has determined that these rejuvenating tools are the Foundation of Optimal Health and Fitness, this Foundation being comprised of: Functional Flexibility and Functional Strength, Nutrition, Detoxification and Cleansing, and Inversion. offers an extensive line of health products, including saunas, inversion therapy equipment, rebounders, air purifiers, water ionizers and nutritional supplements. An Infrared sauna will aid with detoxification and include other benefits such as a passive cardiovascular effect, weight loss, and increasing flexibility. An Inversion table will counter the anti-aging effects of gravity by relieving back pain, decompressing joints, and increasing oxygen to the brain. A Rebounder or a mini-trampoline will help you achieve functional strength while cleansing your lymphatic system. An IQAir Air purifier will cleanse the air you breathe by reducing environmental pollution, which will positively impact your immune system. An air purifier is great for those with allergies or multiple chemical sensitivities.

EvolutionHealth® was founded by Blue Dunn, the only person ever in the Health and Fitness Field to combine the experience of over 16,000 hours Hands-On Structural Release Realignment Therapy (since 1984), teaching and performing tightrope and tightwire walking (since 1984), and teaching Movement Reorientation Classes (Flextasy®) since 1991. This eclectic and relevant background experience has given him a unique and valuable understanding of Body Mechanics, and what it takes to bring Flexibility, Balance, Strength, and Alignment to any body.

Blue Dunn is the creator of The Flextasy Functional Flexibility System®; EvolutionHealth®, a Life Reorientation Total Fitness Program; and HydroYoga, his water-based passive Yoga Release Modality which he practices in Warm Mineral Springs, Fl; and San Diego, CA.