New York, NY (Nov. 1, 2011) Exhale mind body spa expands its private label skin-care collection with two new products, Coolsabi™, a cooling muscle balm, and the Muscle Detox Scrub. Both products work to heal and protect your muscles while soothing skin from use injuries, whether you are a weekend-warrior or a dedicated athlete.

“We are very excited to expand our private label spa collection,” said Julia Sutton, COO of exhale mind body spa. “These two muscle products work well together or they can be used separately. They also fit so well within our mind body portfolio and as part of our exhale programming.”

Coolsabi™, the skin-soothing post-workout therapy to refresh and cool down tired and sore muscles, has just launched at exhale. Coolsabi is made of unique conditioning ingredients and antioxidants that protect and soften skin while helping to heal imbalances, so your achy muscles feel rejuvenated but your skin also feels renewed. The cooling and reviving effects of menthol combined with the anti-inflammatory benefits of wasabi invigorate the muscles and awaken the senses. For best results, apply to affected area and massage into skin as often as needed.

Featured ingredients include:

• L-Menthol – Chirally correct, cooling and refreshing.

• Wasabi – Antimicrobial, helps reduce swelling.

• Ginger Root Extract – Antioxidant, soothing, calming, analgesic.

• Green Tea Extract – Anti-aging, antioxidant.

• Organic Aloe – Soothing, helps speed healing.

• Boldo Leaves Extract (Peumus Boldus, aka D-boldine) – Major antioxidant from the Chilean Boldo Tree.

• D-Beta Fructan (D-beta Fructooligosaccharides) – Helps maintain ideal moisture levels in the skin.

• L-alpha Bisobolol – Soothing, calming, anti-irritant.

• MSM (Dimethyl Sulfone) – A naturally occurring nutrient composed of sulfur and methyl groups; sulfur is a building block of connective tissue, methyl groups support energy production and also provide mitochondria support.

Coolsabi™ is available at all exhale mind body spas and at for $45.

Rejuvenate your body with exhale mind body spa’s Muscle Detox Scrub, a refreshing combination of sea salts, lavender, eucalyptus and clary sage. We put our bodies through grueling tasks every day, from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep. Working out, or even just sitting at your desk for hours on end, can leave our body with aches and pains. This scrub is sure to put your whole self back on track.

The mixture of sea salts and oils has detoxifying and exfoliating properties. The combination of while lavender, clary sage and eucalyptus are the perfect medley to help relieve any tension in your aching muscles and help ease your restless mind. Skin will be left feeling soft and tingly, and your mind will feel more relaxed.

Featured ingredients include:

• Dead sea salt, sea salt, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, vitamin E and essential oil blend (lavender, eucalyptus and clary sage)

• Specifically made with minimal oil to create a better exfoliator

Muscle Detox Scrub is available at all exhale mind body spas and at for $19.99.

About exhale

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