Explore the Massage and Bodywork Field Through Continuing Education Classes, MASSAGE MagazineWhen it comes time for an adventure or exploration, one must be able to find the means for embarking on such a journey, whether by car, boat, plane, train or simply in a comfortable pair of shoes. In some respects, the concept of continuing education could be compared to an exploration and an adventure, with the various continuing education classes serving as the means for getting around and discovering what the field of massage therapy and bodywork has to offer.

In this very broad-based industry, there are many angles and corners to explore. Fortunately, there seems to be a continuing education class for nearly every facet of this ever-growing field. Thanks to the fact that continuing education offerings for massage therapists and bodyworkers are so expansive, it seems you can take almost any path as you set out to explore the field of touch therapy through continuing education courses.

For example, a newer massage therapist might feel she is ready to learn a different modality to add to her practice menu and her own personal skill set. In this case, the practitioner would begin to look around for continuing education classes on a modality that she may be interested in learning, such as shiatsu, trigger-point therapy or another specific technique.

Some massage therapists may not be quite sure which modality they want to pick up through the continuing education adventure. Often, these people simply set out to take a basic continuing education class on a variety of new techniques, until they find one that sparks the most enthusiasm and feels like the best possible fit. Then, these practitioners may decide to pursue more advanced continuing education classes on this particular modality until they become quite advanced in its application and practice.

Exploring a different corner of the massage and bodywork industry are those professional practitioners who are looking to hone their business skills, rather than their specific hands-on skill sets. For these people, the realm of continuing education has much to offer as well, with continuing education courses on such topics as marketing, management, accounting, networking, retail, public relations and so on.

Still other manual therapists may have the motivation to learn more about other facets of professional massage therapy and bodywork. This may include continuing education classes on such topics as body mechanics, so that the practitioner can preserve as much of his or her physical energy and maintain good health throughout a long and prosperous career. It might also mean taking a continuing education refresher class on ethics, for the massage therapist or bodyworker who may have experienced a confusing situation with one or more clients.

With such a long and diverse list of continuing education classes available to professional massage therapists and bodyworkers, practitioners have ready means for exploring all that this dynamic industry has to offer. Even better, consistently taking continuing education classes is a wonderful way to grow and improve in one’s practice, which is a great way to book more sessions and boost income.