To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Create a Career That Lasts,” by Patrick Ingrassia, L.M.T., in the May 2013 issue. Article summary: Too many massage therapists suffer from injury and burnout. A tough reality of our chosen profession is its demand on the body, mind and spirit. But what if there was a way to not only avoid consequences like strain, injury and exhaustion, but take your practice and transform it into something that actually supports you and helps you stay healthy and happy?

Extend Your Career with an Ergonomic Lift Table, MASSAGE MagazineEnjoying what you do is the key to success, happiness and longevity. An ergonomically designed electric-lift table is a tool that helps make that a reality. The electric-lift table is an asset to the quality of the work you perform—and, more importantly, to the quality of your life. What if you could see more clients, do more intense work, and at the end of each day, instead of being exhausted, you had energy to live your life?

When considering a table, think of a model that offers the opportunity to do more precise and effective treatments with 50-percent less effort. Electric tables enable a therapist to work more ergonomically with the simple push of a button. This type of table puts the client’s body in a position that allows the therapist to use her own body weight as leverage, instead of relying on poor body mechanics that result in overworked hands, arms and lower backs. Electric foot pedals place the practitioner in control of the vertical table height, ensuring the best location for ergonomic work and reducing effort. Think about the positive impact these features would make on your practice.

Another aspect to note is some electric tables adjust down to below 19 inches, providing easier access to handicapped or wheelchair-bound individuals. Tables providing this feature qualify the professional for ADA Tax Credit, which, depending on the tax bracket, could offer approximately 60 percent of the total cost back when filing federal income taxes.

The affordability of a lift table sometimes comes into question, but with the obvious benefits and the fact these tables are built for endurance, it is clear to see how this type of table is a feasible and wise investment. Don’t let price deter you in your decision-making process; inquire into financing, a payment plan and leasing options.

Look at the big picture and determine all the benefits, both personally and professionally, an investment in an electric table can provide. This type of table can add to the success of your massage business by satisfying and increasing your client base, restoring your enjoyment in your profession, and longevity in your career. You are worth the investment.

Hagan Craft Suber is vice president for Comfort Craft (, a massage-table manufacturer.