Facelift Massage Provides Anti-Aging Benefits


Americans are growing older at a rapid rate, and wellness treatments that cater to aging clients are growing right along with them. As advances in science and technology allow people to live longer lives, such services become even more important.

For instance, many baby boomers—the 78 million people born between 1946 and 1964—will want to look as young and vibrant as possible as they enter their golden years. The thriving medical spa industry, which the fastest-growing segment of the spa industry according to the International Spa Association, is a reflection of the already huge demand for anti-aging services.

Although most massage therapists don’t administer wrinkle-smoothing injections or laser resurfacing for the skin, the skilled hands of a bodyworker can offer a technique that leads to a younger, more vibrant complexion, without the need for needles or lasers.

Known as facelift massage, this is one of the hottest techniques in the massage industry today, and it’s taking spas by storm. A facelift massage is based on firming, lifting and contouring of the face. It’s done by toning facial muscles, smoothing out the connective tissue of the face and restoring the radiance of each client’s complexion, via improved circulation.

“This is a relatively new procedure for spas, but I feel it is one of the hottest trends out there,” Mya Bremen, a senior massage therapist at the Upledger Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, told MASSAGE Magazine. “It is becoming more popular with both massage therapists and estheticians.”

The popularity of facelift massage is evident among clients as well. The instant gratification of looking in the mirror to find a more relaxed and radiant reflection is typically enough to keep clients coming back until they achieve maximum results.

“It is possible (to remedy) sagging naso-labial lines, flatness in the cheek area, a flaccid jawline, in a 40-something person in just a few treatments,” Nina Howard, owner of Bellanina Spa in Ann Arbor, Michigan, told MASSAGE Magazine. “After six sessions, the client starts to see a contouring of the cheeks, their naso-labials are minimized and their jaw line is less saggy or puffy. Even furrowed brows are softened.”

In addition, a facelift massage also brings the benefits of relaxation, so stress levels are often lowered during the session, and clients may find issues, such as sinus or TMJ, problems are eased, too.

The soothing, holistic and utterly noninvasive nature of facelift massage—along with the visible results—are what allow this hands-on technique to stand up against the quick fixes of anti-wrinkle injections, lasers, light therapy and other more medical solutions for aging faces.

There are several different methods of providing a facelift massage, some of which involve creams, oils or masks, and others that call only for a pair of healing hands. The varied techniques for facelift massage should make it easy for a bodyworker to choose the method that best suits his or her practice.

Various types of facelift massage include The Belaví Facelift Massage System, Nature’s Stones Cool Lift Face Rejuvenation, Indian Face Massage, NatureSynergy Rejuvenating Facelift Massage and the Upledger Facelift. These are but a few of the specific techniques for facelift massage a bodyworker may choose to learn and add to his or her practice.

Better yet, forms of facelift massage are frequently taught in continuing-education courses, so it’s entirely possible to add this lucrative skill to your massage menu while racking up continuing-education credits as well.