Mariah Hamilton was born with VACTERL syndrome, a series of birth defects that has affected a number of her internal organs and regular processes. She has undergone 14 major surgeries in her 13 years of life thus far. Her family decided to try Craniosacral therapy as an alternative to the dangerous surgeries that were having only menially affective results. The switch has paid off they say in the fact Mariah is now able to have a much wider range of pain free motion as well regular bowel movements on her own, something that had never been possible before. This relatively new and experimental treatment involves manipulating the Craniosacral rhythm throughout the body. The therapy is questioned by many doctors as some doubt the existence of a specific rhythm in the body’s spinal fluid. Even those who might possibly accept the existence of this rhythm are turned away by the light touch that is said to manipulate it. The Hamilton’s insurance company, AvMed, does not cover the treatment. Although it has been around for 30 years it is still listed as experimental in most insurance companies’ books. The treatment is also very expensive and so far the Hamiltons have had to either pay for it themselves, or rely on the kindness of the community to help afford it. ( Rolland, Gainesville Sun, 08/03/08)