FeelGoodNow.com offers immediate health research and solutions for consumers and practitioners who seek helpful complementary and preventative information through a user-friendly site.

Denver, CO (Vocus/PRWEB ) December 16, 2008 — Touting, Your Apple a Day, FeelGoodnow.com has officially launched one of the timeliest, informative and content-rich web sites devoted to the latest industry information in complementary and preventative medicine.

FeelGoodNow.com is committed to providing consumers, researchers and practitioners with health and wellness articles and information in the areas of: acupuncture, chiropractic, fitness, nutrition, yoga, massage therapy, emotional health and osteopathy.

“We’ve introduced FeelGoodNow.com to the national market in response to the rapidly growing complementary and preventative medicine industry,” said George Gordon, president of FeelGoodNow.com. “Statistically, this is one of the fastest growing segments in the medical world and FeelGoodNow.com offers immediate health research and solutions for those that seek helpful information through a user-friendly site.”

Founded in 2007, FeelGoodNow.com is an informational, complementary and preventative wellness web site that assists health conscious consumers in their research and discovery of natural and effective health solutions. FeelGoodNow.com is unique as it provides the most complete and continuous online information related to healthy living. Additionally, the web site empowers users to find qualified practitioners, purchase health care products, read current articles and participate in a variety of wellness community forums.