Jami Lin’s Light of Possibility Video is now available on YouTube. Learn how to integrate Spirit & Science to create inner peace

(Vocus/PRWEB ) September 4, 2009 — Internationally renowned master and best-selling author, Jami Lin, shares universal secrets that combine Spirit and Science to maximize personal inner peace in her YouTube video Light of Possibility. Quantum physicists are on a quest to find the God particle or cosmic intelligence. Utilizing scientific elements of color and Feng Shui, the God particle can be found within the human experience.

Jami Lin shares, “Somehow, I always felt connected to this cosmic intelligence—I believe that we all are connected if we just spend a little time developing awareness we can tap into the God particle within ourselves.” The video helps people recognize that connection begins by daily reflection on one’s happiness and the conscious choice to live a positive life.

Create a special place in the home for meditation purposes. It should be free from clutter and have special object that speak to your vision of perfect happiness. Amplify harmony with moderate light levels: not to bright, nor hidden in the darkness. If a favorite, incorporate scented candles and/or quiet music.

Chinese metaphysics, cross-cultural spiritual traditions, and even the Big Bang theory beautifully describe the creation of the universe. In a nutshell, first there was nothing but the void of darkness, and then there was Light. Spiritual traditions dating back to the ancients all use the symbolism of the White Light for the energy of the Creator. Visualize that White Light of Possibility entering through the head and radiating throughout the body and touch specifically colored items that will be used for the journaling experience. Focus thoughts on the positive aspects of the day and reflect upon methods to transform negative dark aspects back into that positive light. Return the white light and give gratitude for its guidance when the meditation is complete.

Enhance the benefits of Feng Shui by learning how to position furniture and balance color throughout each room in the home. Stay out of the darkness by learning how to eliminate the negative energy and how to harness the positive energy.

Discover how to dress in the Five Chinese elements to create success for each day. Learn how to position the body when sleeping and sitting to maximize potential. Activate the energies with aromatherapy. Find out how accessories can channel the universe and subconscious to share answers to life questions.

Living in darkness is painful and is such a waste when we have a conscious choice to be happy. “Discover the conscious choice of being happy and living in the Light of Possibility video,” it is the root of all self-help and personal growth. Be happy: Enjoy Jami Lin’s two-part video today.

ColorAlchemy is featured on HeartandHome radio show (heartandhomehealing.com/upcoming_shows.htm) and discusses how to integrate the color blue to calm the body and clear the mind. Jami Lin, award-winning author of the book ColorAlchemy, shares how to harness a daily color to make improvements in their lives. “Blue is the color of Friday to help people focus.” Blue is the color improved mental clarity for clearer communications and decisiveness. It helps people mean what they say and say what they mean.”

Rooted in Newtonian and quantum science, ancient spiritual and healing traditions, and clinical studies, color therapy provides time-tested results for mind, body, and spirit wellness. The award-winning book ColorAlchemy, by Jami Lin teaches people how to harness a daily color to make improvements in their lives.

“Following the sequence and simplicity of a rainbow, linking the essential, seven attributes of all human need and desire is as easy as remembering the days of the week.” “No professional color therapy required, just simple-to-incorporate habits. By merely thinking about the color of day and its respective attributes, the ultimate goal becomes automatic. The mind instantly calls upon the color attribute that is needed, and with its conditioned benefits, favorably shifts any circumstance.”

Practicing ColorAlchemy is easy; integrate color in the conscious mind by strengthening red attributes such as vitality on Monday. Tuesday, creatively incorporate more orange for pleasure. Command yellow on Wednesday for confidence. Trust green on Thursday for deepening love. Focus on blue on Friday for clarity. Connect with indigo on Saturday for awaking intuition and find inner peace with violet on Sunday for spiritual connection. “Automatically, the 7 Days and 7 Colors easily convert into 7 Triumphs.”

Blue represents the throat chakra, which encompasses the body parts surrounding the throat area and used in speaking. Affected body parts include the Adam’s apple, lungs, vocal cords, throat, jaw, neck, mouth, shoulders, thyroid, and parathyroid.

A lack of blue color indicates a person may feel bottled-up or incapable of expressing oneself. He is unable to be truthful thus creating negativity and loss of potential. Unresolved feelings give way to an inability to clearly communicate thoughts and feelings. He may start to feel depressed and moody and seem to lack emotional depth. The poor self-esteem will show through, and for those listing, they will have trouble understanding what is being said.

Physical manifestations of an imbalance in the throat chakra include sore throat, stiff neck, colds, lung problems, thyroid problems, and other mouth problems. Common physical addictions are to smoking, nasal inhalants, and seeking a runner’s high.

Blue is the color that allows for truth of emotions and feelings to be expressed outwardly, bringing integrity to the spoken words and thoughts. It brings harmony to speech and voice. It allows sharing of creativity and achievement of personal goals. It provides a sense of calm and of relaxed comfort. It allows for focus, dedication, and diligence. It is also beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia or hyperactivity. Blue color cools the body, thus reducing fevers, slowing bleeding, and reducing inflammation. It also can alleviate respiratory ailments such as cold and flu.

Relief can be brought to these areas by breathing in the color blue. With eyes closed, meditate for two minutes on the color blue, or on blue objects, while taking deep breaths. Envision a healing blue ray of light entering your body.

Use healing hands to touch affected parts of the body while focusing on that blue color and practicing color breathing.

Surround in the power of blue by wearing blue clothing, adding a blue pillow or throw, changing a cell phone background or computer screen saver, or using blue dishes at meals and snacks. Store vitamins or pills in blue containers.

Excessive blue brings about frustration and a fanatical nature. The person will talk too much, but not really saying anything. Manipulation occurs as a result of a strong desire for fame and power. On the other hand, too much blue can also lead a prone person to depression. Orange color is the balance for an overabundance for blue. Inhale the orange and exhale the excess blue.

People healthy in the throat chakra tend to be spiritual seekers, thoughtful, and unselfish. They are good communicators, feeling relaxed and calm.

For more mind, body, and spirit benefits with color, visit Jami Lin at ColorAlchemy.com
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