Massage therapy, spa therapy and other hands-on therapies have been shown to alleviate symptoms of fibromyalgia. New research shows a fibromyalgia diagnosis can trigger depression and anger in a diagnosed spouse, as well as emotional withdrawal and mental strain in both spouses.

Researchers form the University of Missouri set out to examine how a fibromyalgia diagnosis can affect marriages.

“Preliminary research suggests that fibromyalgia is very hard on both spouses because their lives are changed dramatically,” said Christine Proulx, assistant professor of human development and family studies at the university, in a press release.

“There appears to be a strong link between fibromyalgia and feelings of depression and fatigue, which can be debilitating for those diagnosed and their marriages,” Proulx added. “The mental strain felt by both spouses can negatively affect marital quality.”

Research reported previously by MASSAGE Magazine shows massage also alleviates depression.

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