MIAMI, FL (PRWEB). Fibromyalgia patients suffer from a variety of symptoms on a regular basis, the most common being chronic muscle pain, muscle spasms and muscle tightness. While there are many medicinal treatments available to help alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms, they all come with unwanted side effects, as any medication does. These side effects include dizziness, nausea, fatigue, dry mouth, hypertension, difficulty concentrating, as well as suicidal thoughts and are subject to dangerous interactions with other drugs. In order to avoid these side effects yet receive an effective method of treatment, fibromyalgia patients are opting for an unusual treatment to alleviate symptoms.

Bellabaci has declared a natural and effective way to alleviate pain associated with fibromyalgia. Bellabaci Massage Therapy is a natural, alternative fibromyalgia treatment option and allows people who suffer from fibromyalgia to get relief from some of the common symptoms. Bellabaci Massage Therapy relates back to the traditional method of cupping but with some new, innovative advantages. Traditional cupping is used with heated glass bulbs, which create a vacuum. The cups penetrate up to 4 inches into the body’s tissues, causing the tissues to release toxins and aids in clearing blockages in veins and arteries, therefore relieving pain associated with fibromyalgia.

Bellabaci Massage Therapy creates the same effect and benefits traditional cupping does, but using a safer method. Bellabaci cups are made of silicone and all you need to do is gently squeeze the cup with your hand and then release pressure as you apply the cups to the surface of the body–with no glass or heat involved.

Derrick Z. Venter of Bellabaci says, “Cupping therapy continues to be proven as an effective treatment method to a variety of ailments. People are beginning to migrate to natural remedies where side effects are little to none, which is why Bellabaci Massage Therapy has become so popular with fibromyalgia patients. Bellabaci continues to provide innovative and natural solutions to all types of pain, such as headaches and migraines, as well as pain associated with degenerative diseases and we hope to continue to provide the most safe, natural, and effective products on the market.”

So how effective is the Bellabaci Massage Therapy in treating fibromyalgia symptoms? According to Mayo Clinic articles and the most recent government study, cupping is not only deemed effective in treating fibromyalgia pain, but may be even more effective than conventional medications. With a possible higher rate of effectiveness paired with less side effects and risks associated with Bellabaci Massage Therapy, it’s no wonder why more and more fibromyalgia patients are opting for this unusual treatment method.

About Bellabaci International

Keren Trabelsi is the CEO of Bellabaci International, a South African company located in Cape Town, and is the originator and manufacturer of the Bellabaci Body and Face Massage Systems. This modern and contemporary innovation is based on the ancient traditional alternative and natural healing treatment methods of Chinese cupping therapy and Hajima. Bellabaci’s unique Body Massage System combined with Bellabaci’s original Homeopathic Essential Complexes is fast proving to be the most effective, logical, natural and affordable at home remedy in getting rid of cellulite.

The Bellabaci massage cups are effective in treating a myriad of modern day ailments and health problems, such as headaches and migraines, spider veins, stretch marks, abdominal problems, sport injuries, anti-aging to name a few, and is constantly adding more treatment alternatives as doctors, therapists and physiotherapists report back on clinical trials and their successes in treating clients and patients.

Bellabaci systems are used by adults and can be used safely on children.