What are you going to do now that flu season is in full swing? No one wants to spend their days sniffling, coughing or tied up in bed, which is why the same company that has solved pesky bathroom issues has decided to tackle colds before they can become a problem. Poo~Pourri has taken a departure from its highly-effective before-you-go-bathroom sprays, to develop its very own sanitizing hand solution and nourishing lotion for protection from germs wherever the road leads.

For hands so clean it’s almost obscene, try out Down & Dirty Natural Waterless Cleanser. Most hand sanitizers may get the job done, but they don’t do it in style. Poo~ Pourri’s Down & Dirty blend of all-natural ingredients cleans hands while softening, refreshing and leaving behind a pleasant scent. Malachite from the earth forms a natural defense against bacteria, while the formula’s use of aloe vera soothes and Japanese green tea breathes new life into skin.

Get Slap Happy with an all natural lotion that leaves skin soft and supple. For intense revitalization during the harshly dry winter months, Poo~Pourri has formulated Slap Happy. This unique moisturizer uses ingredients found in many high-end skin creams, including gatuline in-tense to firm skin, pepha-protect, a watermelon extract that provides DNA and UV protection, and pepha-active with microalgae to enhance new skin generation.

Down & Dirty and Slap Happy are both from Poo~Pourri’s Oh! My Goodness line. Choose from 2-ounce bottles that are perfect for traveling, 8-ounce pump-action bottles that are perfect for keeping handy on desks or the 32-ouncer for the ultimate value. They even offer an Oh! My Goodness Travel Gift complete with one 2-ounce Down and Dirty Waterless Hand Cleanser, one 5 milliliter Shhh…It Happens and one 2-ounce Slap Happy Anti-Aging Hand Cream. There’s no excuse to not stay healthy in the months to come with so many options available.

Founder and aromatherapy specialist Suzy Batiz launched the Poo~Pourri brand in 2007, and has since transformed the $25,000 startup into a $4 million enterprise boasting more than 60 different products being sold in five countries.

For more information, visit www.poopourri.com.