Although there are a few folks who may not enjoy having their feet touched, bodyworkers and massage therapists rarely run across this type of client on the massage table. In fact, it seems the majority of people find it utterly relaxing to have their feet rubbed and relieved.

If you find feet are a favorite focus for many of your regular clients, you may wish to look into massage creams geared specifically toward these hardworking body parts. A tailored approach to tired feet may not only please your regular clients, but it may also keep new clients coming back.

A massage cream manufactured specifically to treat the feet and lower legs will likely have a few elements all-body creams may not. These ingredients aim to alleviate the common aches and issues associated with the feet.

For instance, most adult feet are a bit on the tough side, perhaps with cracked, calloused heels and edges. In this case, extreme moisture is called for in a massage cream. Look at the list of ingredients on the label to see if a pedi-based massage cream contains such components as shea butter and aloe vera oil, which both serve as wonderful moisturizers.

Marine elements also seem to have a special place in massage creams made to treat the feet and lower legs. Often derived from sea plants, such as kelp and algae, active marine ingredients typically contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals reported to boost circulation, assist in detoxification and provide overall support for healthy skin.

Of course, the specific brand of ache and fatigue so often found in the feet should also be relieved during a full, high-quality massage session. The hands of the bodyworker or massage therapist serve as wonderful tools as they cradle the feet and stroke stress from tired soles.

However, the addition of a massage cream made for clients’ feet and lower legs could further enhance the effects of such bodywork and possibly create a longer-lasting feeling of relief and relaxation among clients.

The addition of certain essential oils to a foot-focused massage cream often bring an enjoyable sensation to the feet and lower legs, along with several other benefits. For example, peppermint oil can help refresh and cool the feet. An essential oil such as Litsea cubeba, with its light and fresh citrus aroma, also acts as a refresher for stressed-out soles, and it contains cleansing properties, too. Other essential oils, such as lavender, can help calm and relax the lower legs and feet.

If you hope to find a massage cream that will elevate the experience of a foot massage to a heavenly level, it seems entirely possible with a bit of ingredient investigation. Before you purchase a pedi massage cream, get clear on exactly what benefits you’d like to bring your clients—or rather their feet. Whether it’s heavy hydration, increased circulation, relief from achy overuse or all of the above, you should be able to find a massage cream that fits.

—Brandi Schlossberg