Find an Eco-Friendly Massage Cream, MASSAGE MagazineThe trend toward planet-friendly products and practices seems to have been an integral part of the massage therapy and bodywork community long before going green was considered good for business. Perhaps among these healing practitioners, providing a totally natural and noninvasive service is part of staying in harmony with core beliefs and personal values.

These days, equipped with far more information about the possible perils of manufacturing and using synthetic ingredients, most massage therapists and bodyworkers continue to hold natural and organic products in high regard. In response to the growing number of hands-on practitioners and the growing awareness and importance of going green, manufacturers of products to be used in massage and bodywork practices have responded by providing more all-natural and organic options.

One of the key sectors of the massage therapy and bodywork market where practitioners have plenty of eco-friendly options is the category of massage creams. It is probably not a coincidence that organic and natural massage creams abound, since a massage cream is the one product that comes even closer to the client’s skin than the hands of the massage therapist or bodyworker.

Given that massage creams are slathered onto and absorbed into the skin of each client—not to mention the skin of the practitioner who is applying this cream to client after client—one can see why it would be important to have a safe massage cream in stock in the session room.

Although government agencies have approved the use of synthetic ingredients in a whole host of products, and therefore deemed these ingredients to be nonharmful, there are still some questions about the long-term effects of such synthetic materials on human health.

On top of these concerns about the effects of synthetic goods on human wellness, there is also concern about how the manufacturing and packaging of these items affect the health and wellness of our planet.

If you count yourself among the large number of massage therapists and bodyworkers who do not wish to use massage creams that could be potentially harmful to their own health, the health of their clients and the health of the planet, then it is important to do your homework before you purchase your massage cream.

You will want to ensure that the ingredients in the massage cream are all deemed completely safe for you and your clients. Most likely, this will mean finding a massage cream that does not contain parabens or any other synthetic ingredients, such as an artificial fragrance.

Take your search a step further and find out about the packaging material that surrounds your massage cream—whether or not it is recyclable, biodegradable, made of recycled substances and so on. You may also want to read about the massage cream company’s manufacturing practices as well.

By doing your due diligence when it comes to selecting the best-possible massage cream for yourself, your clients and the environment we all call home, you can rest assured that your massage cream is in harmony with your own personal values.