From lemons and raspberries to apples and papayas, the bounty of fruits our planet has to offer is amazing. In a way, fruit could be considered nature’s “candy,” for a large number of goodies that fall into the fruit category certainly are sweet and delicious. Fortunately, fruit also packs an array of health benefits, from vitamins and antioxidants to fiber and phytochemicals.

Once you have taken a moment to grasp all the appealing and beneficial aspects of fruit, it is easy to see why elements from all kinds of fruits have been tapped for use in recipes far beyond the kitchen table. These days, you can find fruit extracts and other derivatives on the ingredient lists of products ranging from soaps and perfumes to hair products and makeup.

Another place you are likely to find fruit elements is inside a number of high-quality massage creams. Fruits provide a wealth of health benefits, and the manufacturers of quite a few massage creams have chosen to process various fruits not only for these benefits, but also for their light and pleasing scents.

One category of fruit fairly common to massage creams is citrus. Citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges and limes, contain well-being boosters, such as vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Vitamin C in a massage cream can benefit clients by fighting aging because vitamin C has been reported to battle free radicals, which can age skin quicker than necessary.

The vitamin C from citrus fruits also is incorporated into massage cream for another skin benefit: collagen synthesis. There is a reason you see so many high-end face creams and other skin products that contain vitamin C.

Citrus fruits also bring the benefits of bioflavonoids to a massage cream. Bioflavonoids are thought to play a large role in the reason citrus fruits are rock stars when it comes to anti-aging. In lemons, for example, there is a bioflavonoid known as hesperidin, as well as proanthocyadins. These nutrients have been shown to strengthen capillaries, help maintain elastin and stabilize collagen.

Citrus is but one category of fruit among all of nature’s sweet and delicious bounty, and you can see these fruits bring major perks to the massage table when they’re included in massage cream.

Each type of fruit has its own particular vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients that can bring different benefits to clients when applied via a massage cream. Beyond the health perks inside these colorful fruits, they also often bring a sweet scent to massage cream.

For instance, in addition to the skin-boosting benefits of coconut oil, many clients may love the scent of a massage cream that contains extracts of tropical coconuts. Pineapple is another scent that can make a client feel as if he or she is on an island vacation in your session room, even if the appointment is taking place in the middle of winter.

Tighten your focus on fruits, and you will see that these healthy, delicious treats are good for more than just snacking.

–Brandi Schlossberg