One of the many reasons massage cream is often the lubricant of choice for massage therapists and bodyworkers is because cream seems to combine all of the best benefits of oil and lotion.

When oil is chosen as a lubricant for a massage therapy or bodywork session, it is primarily because this slick substance allows for maximum glide across the skin and sore muscles of clients. On the other end of the spectrum, lotion typically is selected for use when the healing touch practitioner is looking for a lubricant that will absorb into the skin, providing the massage therapist or bodyworker the friction necessary to perform deeper work.

Now take the attributes of both of these lubricants, and you can begin to understand the reason why massage cream is so popular. With a high-quality massage cream, users experience not only the easy glide of oil, but also the light absorption of lotion. Almost like a bifocal lens, which allows one to see both near and far, massage cream can serve dual purposes, allowing the massage therapist or bodyworker to perform work as light or as deep as he or she wishes.

The best massage creams on the market should be nestled comfortably between the traits of oil and lotion, offering more friction and less glide than oil, yet never absorbing as fully or fast as a lotion. With such a massage cream, hands-on practitioners can maintain the perfect amount of lubrication throughout long massage sessions.

Although it’s almost always a good idea to keep a wide variety of lubricants on hand to cover whatever your next client may present with, most massage therapists and bodyworkers seem to find one type of lubricant they enjoy working with on a regular basis.

It may take time, but eventually you should find a massage cream perfectly suited to your style of bodywork. This would be the lubricant you use on the majority of your clients, only reaching for a lotion, oil or gel if the situation specifically calls for it.

For many people in the field, finding their favorite massage cream is a joyous day, for a high-quality lubricant truly can enhance the effects of a massage session for clients—and make the work easier and more enjoyable for the practitioner, too.

If you have located this lubricant, you may wish to stock up, ordering the product in mass amounts in order to save money. In addition, consider different packaging options offered by the manufacturer of the massage cream.

For the purposes of ease and sanitation, you may wish to order the lubricant packed inside a pump bottle. In this case, you won’t be dipping your hands into an open tub each time you need to refresh the amount of massage cream you’re using during a session.

Of course, many longtime massage therapists and bodyworkers may eventually get bored of a certain massage cream, even if it served them well for years. In such cases, hunting around for your next new favorite can be a great way to refresh your daily practice.

—Brandi Schlossberg