Find Your Niche, by Kristin Phillips Lennard, MASSAGE Magazine Business TipBuying advertising–whether print or online–can be expensive. Instead of marketing your massage therapy practice to anyone who will listen or read about it, pick a specific group of people to target. Be sure to survey the other massage practices around you and decide on how you will be different.

Is it active people who need regular sports massage? Older people who can benefit from touch? Busy college students who need a break? There are so many niche markets out there, but choosing your client base can really help you decide what words to use to best describe your business and choose images that best depict your practice.

Establishing a niche market can also help you decide what type of advertising is worth the investment. If you’re targeting athletes, start networking and provide free services at local sports events and races. If you want to reach older adults, try the newspaper or hang fliers at the local senior center. If you want to speak to younger adults, try starting a blog or advertise on Facebook. It’s all about knowing your market and how to reach them!

Kristin Phillips Lennard, Find Your Niche, MASSAGE Magazine Business TipKristin Phillips Lennard is a 1999 graduate of Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy’s 1,150-hour program. She is a licensed massage therapist and a certified neuromuscular therapist. Lennard is currently the massage therapy program director at MTTI-WellSpring ( She is also a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and is nationally certified.