April 19, 2011: Stephanie Mines, Ph.D., founder of The TARA Approach, a clinically tested, comprehensive rehabilitative therapy, will be a keynote speaker at the Conscious Medicine Conference in Findhorn, Scotland in April 23rd- 26th, 2011.

Keynote Presentation: The Peaceful Revolution: Grassroots, Empowerment Based, Sustainable Healthcare

Conscious medicine means harnessing awareness to unleash a cascade of neurohormones to hydrate the garden of the human immune system. We need our gardens to be in full bloom all year round to meet the health challenges of this world and the world to come in our lifetime, and in the lifetimes of our children. Our job is not only to cultivate our own wellbeing or the wellbeing of an elite population but to spread tools for awakening resources and awareness throughout the world until we have changed the paradigm of an authority based healthcare system into one of empowering sustainability. This talk will inspire those in the healing arts to reach out to an ever expanding audience through compassion based education and communication that touches many more hearts and minds. We must extend our outreach if we are to meet the challenges facing us and particularly to become the stewards we are intended to be for the children of the future.

Workshop: The TARA Approach for the Resolution of Shock and Trauma

We live in a world of over-stimulation. Our adult nervous systems and certainly the nervous systems of our children need help to find a new, evolved homeostasis. The TARA Approach integrates the best of Eastern and Western medicines to maximize human potential and meet this challenge. Using a map of the body based on the Extraordinary Meridians we awaken reservoirs of energy, some of which have been dormant since we were conceived. When we link this regeneration with the resolution of past traumas we become who we are meant to be. Learn the basics of this system and apply it to your life and your professional practice. The TARA Approach is a clinically tested integrative design. It harnesses the vitality that is our birthright to our highest intelligence to bring us completely into the present.

Please visit the Findhorn Foundation for more information. Please visit www.tara-approach.org for more information about The TARA Approach!