STUART, FL. –On March 11, Debbie Roberts of Massage & Fitness Professionals of the Treasure Coast presented her seminar, “Falls Prevention,” to the Peripheral Neuropathy Group at Unity Church of Martin County, in Stuart, Florida. Roberts presented information about how to maintain posture and balance.

Moreover, Roberts spoke about fitness age vs. chronological age. An example that Roberts used was that Jack LaLane at age 88, had a fitness age of 29. This information was published in the American Fitness Federation Association magazine and was determined by muscle testing, cardiovascular testing and a form of a metabolic testing that helps determine fitness age. Roberts explained to guests that their level of fitness and staying physically fit would help prevent falls.

Additionally, Roberts presented several unique ideas to help the group remember to stand tall, such as using sticky-notes to remind them of the posture tips that were mentioned. Roberts educated the guests as to ankle, hip and knee mobility. She stated, “Starting from the ground up, with ankle mobility, knee strength and hip mobility, guests could avoid a fall.”

Roberts also talked about the various degrees of pain and the limits pain imposes on motivation and movement. Additionally, Roberts explained to guests they might benefit from alternative care, such as massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic and osteopathic care. Roberts demonstrated ankle mobility exercises, and how easy it is to do knee strengthening in your chair. Roberts also showed guests how to use a kitchen counter like a ballerina-bar is an easy way to work on hip mobility, strengthening and balance. 

With Roberts’ reminder that more than one-third of falls are a direct result of environmental hazards in the home, such as spills, rugs, flooring transitions, telephone cords and pets, the need to heed Roberts’ recommendations could not be more timely. Roberts suggested simple techniques, such as recognizing your “falls position” (leaning forward when you stand or sit), strengthening your core (chest, belly, lower abdomen and back), strengthening your triceps, re-learning and practicing good balance, the benefits of proper nutrition, all to avoid the shuffle so many people endure in later years. Finally, Robert’s interactive talk for the group offered guests at-home exercises that can be done in a chair, and one exercise that can be done even before getting out of bed in morning. 

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