Today the Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA) issued a new call to action to its members regarding Senate Bill 1860, which if passed would exclude massage therapists from reimbursement related to personal injury protection (PIP) insurance..

On Feb. 9 MASSAGE Magazine reported on the FSMTA’s first call to action regarding PIP.

The new call to action is this:


We need one last contact to each and every Senator!

The House Bill [HB 119] is done. The Senate Bill will be heard on the Senate floor this week and they need to hear our voice loud and clear regarding SB 1860 [PIP].

We do not know the date/time that this will be heard on the Senate Floor – but it will be this week. The end of Legislative Session is over on Friday, March 9, 2012.

Please make contact (1) with your specific Senator/s and then (2) every Senator. Please call, email or fax them and tell them that you want massage therapy and massage therapists to be included in this bill – SB 1860.

Give an example of a personal story. Tell them how PIP and massage helped you or someone else to overcome medical issues. These Senators need to hear from you.

Why it is important to make contact: (1) because this may be our last opportunity to get massage included in this bill (2) our colleagues are counting on us to help them with this important benefit to all consumers and (3) it is just wrong to discriminate against a provider group [e.g., Licensed Massage Therapists] 100% percent that provides cost effective, pain relief and therapy.

Below is a link for the contact information.

For any questions you have, please direct them to FSMTA Central Office at 877-376-8248.

R. Scott Hartsfield, LMT, CPT

FSMTA, Legislative chair

(904) 463-7268

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