The Florida State Massage Therapy Association has issued a call to action to encourage massage therapists to contact their representatives regarding CS/SB 584, a bill that, if passed, would allow unlicensed massage school graduates to practice in the state. The call to action reads:

Senate Bill 584 (Board of Massage Therapy to issue temporary permits) is on the Budget Committee agenda for Monday, April 25, 1:15pm at 412 Knott Building in Tallahassee.

WE NEED YOU…to CALL the members of the Budget Subcommittee and let them know that we OPPOSE Senate Bill 584. IMPORTANT…the Senate is NOT in Tallahassee this week due to the Easter holiday…please CALL the district offices of the Budget Committee members, not the Tallahassee offices…contact info below.

Why CS/SB 584 should not be passed:

FSMTA believes that in order to maintain the integrity of current standards, fully protect the general public and prevent potential fraud, SB 584 SHOULD NOT be passed

· Reasonable skill has not been validated by method of examination, thereby, creating potential risk to public safety.

· The “supervision” of an applicant that elects temporary permitting is not clearly defined and would require substantial rule making.

· Regulatory cost would be increased in order to support “duplicate” licensure (temporary and then permanent – both being processed in the same amount of time).

· If the applicant receives a temporary permit and then does not pass the examination, a formal revocation of the temporary permit must be executed and communicated. Again, additional cost and risk to public safety.

· The time involved to get a temporary permit would be the same time to obtain full licensure.

· Double cost to the applicant. Applicants will still be required to pay for the temporary permit and then full licensure – also creating duplicate cost and work for the Board of Massage Therapy.

Call these Budget Committee Members TODAY!

Senator JD Alexander, Chair (R), (863) 679-4847, Lake Wales

Senator Joe Negron, Vice Chair (R), (772) 219-1665, Palm City

Senator Thad Altman (R), (321) 752-3138, Melbourne

Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto (R), (561) 753-2440, Wellington

Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff (R), (954) 467-4205, Ft Lauderdale

Senator Mike Fasano (R), (727) 848-5885, New Port Richey

Senator Anitere Flores (R), (305) 270-6550, Miami

Senator Don Gaetz (R), (850) 897-5747, Destin

Senator Alan Hays (R), (352) 742-6441, Umatilla

Senator Arthenia L. Joyner (D), (813) 233-4277, Tampa

Senator Evelyn J. Lynn (R), (386) 238-3180, Daytona Beach

Senator Gwen Margolis (D), (305) 571-5777, Miami

Senator Bill Montford (D), (850) 487-5004, Tallahassee

Senator Nan H. Rich (D), (954) 747-7933, Sunrise

Senator Garrett Richter (R), (239) 417-6205, Naples

Senator David Simmons (R), (407) 262-7578, Altamonte Springs

Senator Gary Siplin (D), (407) 297-2071, Orlando

Senator Eleanor Sobel (D), (954) 924-3693, Hollywood

Senator John Thrasher (R), (904) 727-3600, Jacksonville

Senator Stephen R. Wise (R), (904) 381-6000, Jacksonville