Your feet are your foundation. Taking care of your feet and using them mindfully when you work in your massage practice can be the best first step toward preventive care. Here are some helpful tips to tune into as you position yourself while you work.

1. Try to stand on both feet with your weight equal on both when possible.

2. Train yourself to use all parts of your feet to support you upward.

3. Keep your ankles straight and avoid collapsing them inward. This weakens the feet, ankles and knees.

4. Develop strength and function in the lateral side of the feet and toes.

5. Practice this simple walking test to develop mindful focus on using all parts of your feet.

  • A. Start with feet parallel. Step forward with one heel, roll to the outside edge of the heel and then through the entire lateral edge of the foot.
  • Press the lateral ball of foot down.
  • Press the fifth and fourth toes down.
  • Press middle ball of foot down, and third and second toe down.
  • Press inner ball of foot and big toe down, with the knee facing directly forward between the middle toes.
  • Step forward with the second foot. Keep both feet parallel at hip distance apart.

Practice this mindfully for five minutes daily to bring full awareness and function to your feet.

Yamuna Zake is a master bodywork educator and the creator and founder of Yamuna®, a company dedicated to education and promotion of optimal physical function and body sustainability. While her company and studio are located in New York, her work is practiced across the U.S. and throughout the world. For more information, visit www.yamunabodyrolling.com.

BONUS: Click here to take the walking test.

Photo provided by Yamuna®.