The Massage Therapy Foundation will launch a new education program in 2009. “Teaching Research Literacy” is a continuing education class for massage-therapy educators and schools.

“[E] normous amounts of scientific research is being performed and published about the effects of massage therapy for a host of populations, pathologies, and conditions,” reads a statement about the class prepared by the foundation. “Unfortunately not many massage therapists have the skills to understand or evaluate these studies. Still fewer are qualified to lead or participate in high-value research projects. It is important to change this trend, and to clearly identify our role in leading the way in research in our field. If we don’t, research about massage will continue to be conducted—but not by massage therapists. This compromises results, and limits our ability to gain the knowledge and evidence we need to support the future of our profession.”

Through this program, the foundation will send a presenter to the
school to instruct faculty in an eight-hour workshop on topics including: preparing faculty to be advisors to students who want to participate in foundation’s Student Case Report Contest; improving outcomes in student clinics.