Brewster, NY (PRWEB) December 18, 2009 — The Chuckie Goodnight Foundation for the Environment, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing environmental education for children and preserving green space, encourages families to go green this holiday season.

Chuckie Goodnight, “spokesdog” for the environment, and the crew of loyal plant and animal friends love the holidays and think they are even more fun when you can be green throughout the season. Try these easy projects to make eco-friendly gifts for your family and friends!

Make a container garden. Use recycled plastic containers to make a decorative planter. You can use eco-friendly paint to decorate it and give your friends and family the gift of plant life year-round. Either plant it yourself or gift it with a packet of seeds. E-mail for a free packet of organic seeds to get started!

Pinecone decorations. Collect pinecones in the forest and glue them together to make a wreath. You can also turn them into ornaments or a decoration for the top of a package.

Make a collage frame. Take pictures from magazines and newspapers that you were going to recycle and glue them onto recycled poster board to make a frame. Collect pictures of your friends and family to put in the center of the frame.

Also try these tips to be green during the holidays: 

  • Reuse boxes from packed goods to wrap gifts.
  • When you open presents, recycle wrapping paper instead of throwing it in the garbage. 
  • Unplug decorations when you leave the house to reduce energy usage.

About the Chuckie Goodnight Foundation for the Environment
The Chuckie Goodnight Foundation for the Environment, a not-for-profit 501-C4 corporation founded in 2001, is committed to educating children on Earth stewardship and social ethics. It is dedicated to the acquisition, restoration and preservation of green spaces in order to create environmental learning centers for children and botanical sanctuaries. The foundation also supports other environmentally-minded organizations and individuals. Each year, the Chuckie Goodnight Foundation awards scholarships to students pursuing environmental studies and supports other land trust and environmental organizations on the local, county, state and national levels. For more information, visit